The Parliament of crooks and clowns:

How the President of the EU-Parliament tried to protect Chansellor Angela Merkel against Udo Voigt It was a great show for the German Chancellor Angela Merkel today in Strasbourg. In a keynote address to the European Parliament, she defended practically all the questionable achievements of her chancellorship, from the ‘salvation’ of Greece over the mass
Free EU-prepaid creditcards for tens of thousands of illegal immigrants: Hungary also demands explanation In Hungary, too, reports of the mass distribution of free prepaid creditcards by the EU to illegal immigrants currently on the Balkan route to Central Europe are causing concern and outrage. The Hungarian government parties Fidesz and the Christian Democrats (KDNP)
Udo Voigt addresses the exploding migrant violence in Germany in the EU Parliament The concentrated media hype surrounding the events in the German cities of Chemnitz and Köthen shows that politics and lying press are not able to accept the truth. This is the same in the European Parliament in Straatsburg. There, NPD MEP Udo

Transatlantic fake news against russia

Udo Voigt accuses Western media and political leaders in the EU of conducting a propaganda war against Russia.


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