MEP Udo Voigt declares his solidarity with Iran in the nuclear conflict In the European Parliament, the disastrous decision of American President Trump to unilaterally skip the nuclear deal with Iran is also strongly criticized by German NPD MEP Udo Voigt. For Voigt, Trump’s hasty step, which is met with fierce opposition internationally, fits seamlessly
Udo Voigt, MEP, as an election observer in Azerbaijan It was a first in Azerbaijan: there, the German NPD MEP Udo Voigt was member of an international election observation mission, on the occasion of the presidential election. There he could inform himself about the way democratic standards were respected in the election. The 22-members strong

Congratulations, Mr Orban!

About 70 percent of voters in Hungary have sent patriotic or nationalist parties to parliament with their votes for Fidesz and Jobbik. A good day for Europe and another step towards a change away from the old political elite and towards a Europe of the Fatherlands.

Transatlantic fake news against russia

Udo Voigt accuses Western media and political leaders in the EU of conducting a propaganda war against Russia.