Udo Voigt nimmt Italiens Präsident gegen die Angst der alten Eliten in Schutz Das war kein Ruhmesblatt des Europaparlaments: als sich am Dienstag der italienische Ministerpräsident Giuseppe Conte als Gast des Parlaments zu einer Aussprache über die „Zukunft Europas“ in Straßburg einfand, sah er sich anhaltenden und teils unflätigen Anwürfen vonseiten der sogenannten „demokratischen“ Fraktionen

“Migrants can kill!”

Udo Voigt supports Italy’s president against the hate of the old elites It was not a glorification day for the European Parliament: when Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, as a guest of the Parliament, met in Straatsburg for a debate on the “future of Europe” on Tuesday, he was confronted with persistent and sometimes vile

„Immigration kills Germany!“

Udo Voigt arrested in Marrakesh during protest against Global Compact for Migration A fatal strategic step: in Marrakesh the much contested UN-“Compact for Migration“ was officially adopted by 164 nations on Monday midmorning. Some countries, among them Austria, stayed absent and refused adoption. Switzerland and Italy weren´t represented as well. The ceremony in Marrakesh, where

Transatlantic fake news against russia

Udo Voigt accuses Western media and political leaders in the EU of conducting a propaganda war against Russia.


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