Always aggression by Israel: two explosive questions from MEP Udo Voigt Israel and its intelligence service Mossad are one of the most obtrusive troublemakers in the Middle East, as the German NPD MEP Udo Voigt could recently witness on an information mission to Lebanon. But not only there: In Spanish media these days explosive reports

“Israel is a terror state”

60 MEPs want to stigmatize Hezbollah – why MEP Udo Voigt is against it The European Parliament is to become even more Israeli-dependent:  that is what about 60 deputies want, who call in a letter to the EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, to completely condemn the Lebanese Hezbollah as a “terrorist organization”. So far,

The Primary Aggressor Is Israel

MEP Udo Voigt meets high-ranking politicians in Lebanon Israeli prime minister Netanyahu recently put in a strong appearence at the Munich Security Conference fidgeting in front of the cameras with the damaged piece of an allegedly Iranian drone shot down. The Israeli head of government thereby wanted to call attention media-effectively to the threat situation

Transatlantic fake news against russia

Udo Voigt accuses Western media and political leaders in the EU of conducting a propaganda war against Russia.