EU wants to ban ‘wrong’ political symbols – but only the “extreme right” ones The EU has discovered an urgent need for action: it wants to extend the ban on “wrong” rightwing political symbols that is already in force in Germany and in some other member states across the whole of Europe. Of course, the
Why the EU-Defence-Union is anything but a blessing for Europe Udo Voigt – MEP The European Union Defense Union (PESCO – “Permanent Structured Cooperation”), launched on Monday by EU foreign ministers in Brussels, is the military counterpart of the vision recently expressed by SPD-chairman and former EU Parliament President Martin Schulz of a future “United
Udo Voigt speaks out in the European Parliament against the giant ‘AB-Mittelrhein’-showtrial in the city of Koblenz Yesterday’s Monday in Strasbourg’s European Parliament saw a several-hour debate on the topic “Strengthening Citizens’ Rights in a Union of Democratic Change”. The NPD MEP Udo Voigt brought another judicial scandal from the West German reality on the

Transatlantic fake news against russia

Udo Voigt accuses Western media and political leaders in the EU of conducting a propaganda war against Russia.