SPD-puppet Jo Leinen exposes the real reason for the new EU electoral law Yesterday, the European Parliament cleared the way for a new European electoral law, as reported. Among other things, it provides for the introduction of an electoral treshold, which according to Eurocrates’ ideas can range between two and five percent. These tresholds are
With all dirty tricks against the NPD: the EU-Parliament gives the go-ahead for an election treshold Hardly a day goes by where EU-representatives do not express their commitment to the “democratic values” of the Union. But in reality, democracy is increasingly strangled and eroded by the Eurocrats. The European Parliament today issued a resolution in
+++ Help stop the killing and share this text +++ The world needs to know what is happening there and who the perpetrators are +++ Recently, our APF delegation visited Syria’s last surviving children’s hospital in the capital, Damascus. The pictures taken there speak for themselves. I’ve never seen so much suffering and helpless looks

Transatlantic fake news against russia

Udo Voigt accuses Western media and political leaders in the EU of conducting a propaganda war against Russia.